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How does the Manage Inventory work in the (formerly Notify Me App)?
NotifyMe Manage Out Stock

Thank you for joining the Manage Inventory article. Let’s discuss, So from Manage Inventory you can adjust your all products(and variants) inventory/stock, and will only display products(and variants) that are actually below your Inventory Warning Levels (It may be Global + Additional Inventory Warning Levels OR Specific Products Inventory Warning Levels depending on your settings in settings.

So you never need to go to your Shopify Admin -> Products section to check all your products (and variants) inventories and will always display real-time products (and variants) that are actually below your Inventory Warning Levels settings. So as you see in the above image, Current Inventory means right now how much inventory you have for that product (and variants). So if you want to change or update inventory for any products (and variants) just insert a new quantity that you received/have and click on the Change button and will directly change your products (and variants) inventory in your Shopify Store Admin -> Products section.


From the below example if you receive 50 quantities for both products then it will be added like…

  • Sleeveless Top with embellished neck -> 2 (in stock) + 50 (new received) = 52 total in stock now
  • Tassel and Stone Necklace -> 3 (in stock) + 50 (new received) = 53 total in stock now

Once you update inventory from the Manage Inventory section, Please always press the Change button for the individual products (and variants) line as it’s saving per row bases.

Export as CSV:

NotifyMe Out Stock CSV

Now we are providing Export Products as a CSV option under the Manage Inventory page. So you are allowed to Export Out Of Stock products with 1 request every 24 hours. Please visit the -> Manage Inventory Menu -> Click Export as a CSV link.