Back In Stock Reminders (Customers List)

Thank you for joining and getting started with the article. By default (formerly Notify Me app) (Back In Stock) will automatically be set up with all basic settings. Let’s discuss the Customers List.

How Does The Customer List Work In The Back In Stock Reminders?
Back In Stock Customer List

Here, you can see the list of emails submitted by the customer for notifying when the products will be back in stock.

Here, you can see the list with some information. It includes the Date & Time when the email was submitted. It includes the Product name with variant (if available). It includes the email address. It also includes a label that will guide whether the reminder email is sent or not. And at last, it includes buttons to perform actions like Send and Delete. The Send button will be used to send the email. And the Delete button will be used to delete the record.


The notim app provides a convenient export feature for CSV sheets, enabling you to easily manage the list of back-in-stock products as well as a list of customers for Back-In-Stock reminders. Let’s see the details together.

To export a list of back-in-stock products and a list of customers for Back-In-Stock reminders, simply click on the “Export” button.

Back In Stock - Customer List - Export Popup

Upon clicking the “Export”, a popup will appear, prompting you to provide the email address where you wish to receive the back-in-stock products and customers list in CSV format. (Please refer to the snapshot above for guidance.)

NOTE: Please allow 1-2 minutes for the app to deliver the email.