Sales Notifications

Sales Notifications is the best tool to boost your store’s sales by displaying recent sales notification to your store’s visitors and encourage them to purchase a product from your store. Sales Notifications will build trust by letting your store’s visitors know what your customers were ordering.

Sales notification is a powerful tool that helps to increase your sales. The app will help to display recent orders notifications in real-time.

Sales Notification app will prompt the visitors to buy the products by showing live notifications as some other people also bought that product like a few minutes ago, a few hours ago, or a few days ago.

Sales Notification Popup

Thank you for joining and getting started with the Sales Notification article. Let’s discuss, so by default Sales Notification app automatically setup all required Settings, and the app should start in your store. Let’s discuss one by one all Settings options.

1) Basic Settings:

Basic Settings


Status Sales Notification

Make sure Sales Notification app status must be enabled to display the whole Sales Notification app feature including cart notification into your store that includes Popup Design, Popup Display time, Manage orders to display in the popup, Exclude Products and Exclude Orders.

If you just want to disable the Sales Notification feature only then make Sales Notification app-enabled and just untick/uncheck Desktop Enabled and or Mobile Enabled checkboxes and press the Save button.


Template Sales Notification

In the Sales Notification app, user can customize the popup message by doing changes in the template where {{ first_name }} shows customer’s first name, {{ city }} shows the City of the customer, {{ province }} show the Customer State, {{ country }} shows Customer Country, {{ product }} shows Product Purchased name, {{ product_with_link }} shows product purchase name with product link, {{ time_ago }} shows when the order is placed and also includes Emoji’s as per requirements. Below the example of a template.

Hide Time Ago Settings

This is a totally optional setting to change the language of the popup. Here you can customize your popup as in your preferred language. This feature is very significant where you can change the language of your popup as you set it.

There are two variables {{ unit }} and {{ duration }}. {{ unit }} is for the quantity of your product and {{ duration }} is for the time ago of purchasing product. There is also includes Days which means the number of days ago purchasing the product, Hours means the number of hours ago purchasing the product, Minutes means several minutes ago of purchased the product, and Seconds means several seconds ago of purchasing the product. Those options can be set in your native language when you want to customize it.

Sales Notification Popup Show Template Settings

Other Setting:

Other Setting Sales Notification

Here in the Sales Notification app, other settings are regarding Popup display time, where users can customize it as per convenience. There are several options bellowed.

1. Initial Delay: You can set the initial delay time as per convenience. The initial delay means when the page is loaded after how much time you want to start to display the Popup.

2. Maximum Display per Page: You can control the number of popups to show for a page. It means when any particular page is load and stays on the same page then as per the given number it will show the popup to the same page.

3. Display Time: You can set display time. It means you specify the time that you want to show a particular popup for a time. E.g. if you set 5 seconds means particular popup will display for 5 seconds and the next popup will display after 5 seconds.

4. Delay between notifications: You can set the delay time between two popups.

5. Hide time ago part after : You can hide the time ago part by giving the values in seconds or minutes or hours or days. It means e.g. you enter 30 days orders then up to only 30 days ago part will display in a popup after 30 days it will be hidden.

6. Hide order after: You can hide order after given numbers in seconds or minutes or hours or days. E.g. if you specified 365 days the order will display in popup up to 365 days after 365 days order will be hidden automatically. Please make sure to click on the Save button after making any changes.

2) Design Settings:

Design Setting Sales Notification

In Sales, notification app Design Setting includes the design of popup, popup display position, and colors of the popup (personalization). Let’s discuss this.

Choose Design:

Choose Design Setting

Choose design allows you to select any design for the sale notification app popup according to your sales notification plan (Free/Paid).

Basic(Free) Design

Here all the designs as above are available with a free plan.

Additional(Paid) Design

Here all the designs as above are available with a paid plan. Also, the paid plan users can use the designs of the free plan.

Notification Position:

Notification Position

In the notification position, you can select the position of popup where you want to display. Here notification position includes display direction, animation type, and the other two will specify the pixel to display the popup on a specified position.

1. Display direction: You can adjust the position as per your choice. You can select any one position from Bottom left, Bottom right, Top left, and Top right.

2. Animation type: You can display sales notification popup with animations like Fade In-Out, Slide from Left, and Slide from Right.

3. Top/Bottom: This option is specified about the position in a customized manner where you can set the pixel from the Top/Bottom side. And after that entered pixel your sales notification popup will display from the Top/Bottom position.

4. Left/Right: This option is specified about the direction in a customized manner where you can set the pixel from the Left/Right side. And after that entered pixel your sales notification popup will display from Left/Right direction.



Here in the personalization option, you can set the color of your popup to contain and background. Here Product name is for the name of the ordered product. The message color is for the popup message where includes the static words. The notification background color is for the background color of the popup. Timeago color specifies the color for time part from the order made. Please make sure to click on the Save button after making any changes.

3) Other Settings:

Other Settings Menu

Other settings include the option of display the sequence of popup, disable notification at the home page, Product age, Cart Page, or any specific entered URL page and UTM Param where it related to google analytics. Let’s discuss all in detail.

Miscellaneous Option:

Miscellaneous Option

This option is related to set the sequence of display, Order popup, and Add to Cart popup as per the choice from randomly display, Display out of the stock product. There may be requirements other than display popup like need to allow Display of the same Product, Display the same product on the product page, the Auto delay between notification, and randomly display products. Let’s discuss all in detail.

  1. Allow to Close notification: You can allow to close notification popup or not. By checked this option you can close the Sales notification popup which displays on the page by click on the close icon on the upper right corner of the popup.
  2. Auto delay between notifications: You can allow the auto delay time between notifications means there are a number of the popup is displayed with the fixed time between notification by checking this option you can allow auto delay time between different notification popup.
  3. Display Same Products: The same product in your store may be ordered or added to the cart by the users so you can allow it or not display it on the page. By checked this option means you allow to display the same product in the popup.
  4. Remove ‘verified by MakeProSimp’: This option will allow you to remove the ‘verified by MakeProSimp’ mark which is a display with every popup in the bottom position.
  5. Display Out of Stock Product: You can set this option by which you want to display a popup out of a stock product that has already been ordered. In your store, there may be several products that have been ordered but now it is not available in your stock so you can check it and set to display out of stock product in the popup.
  6. Randomly Display Order: You can change the sequence of display popup of the order by checking it. By default order will display from the last order means recently order made will display first and then further order will display. When you checked this option, the order will display randomly.
  7. Display same product on product page: You can set this option for better sales. By checked it, a popup will display continuously the same product on the same page but another product popups will not display but after add to the cart, the product other ordered or add to the cart of another product popup will display. And it will stop to show the popup for the same product.

Disable Notifications:

Disable Notifications

This disables notification option allows you to restrict notification popup on different pages. By doing so notification of orders or cart will not display. You can prevent notification at Home Page, Product Page, and Cart Page. And you can also disable notification at any specific page by including the meta tag on the page.

UTM Params:

UTM Params

UTM parameters are simply tags you add to a URL — when your link is clicked, the tags are sent back to Google Analytics and tracked. With UTM parameters, you can tag your links to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify the best ways to drive more visitors to your website.

4) Exclude Product:

Exclude Products

This option will allow you to exclude products for display popup of different orders and carts of same the products. It means if you do not want to display specific products popup due to out-of-stock or other issues then need to add these products in the exclude products tray by clicking the Add New Product then search the products with the exact name and then select the products for excluding. Then after if you want to remove the product which you have been excluded then click on the right side of the product to remove exclude and then after the product will display a popup with again with order and cart.

5) Exclude Order:

Exclude Orders

This option will allow you to exclude orders for display popups from different available orders. It means if you do not want to display specific order popup due to out-of-stock or other issues then need to add this order in the exclude order tray by click on the right side of every order for exclude. Then after if you want to remove the order in which you have been excluded then click on the right side of the order to remove exclude and then after order will display the popup.