Cart Notifications

Cart Notifications app will display notifications when somebody adds a product to their cart on the website. So if your website doesn’t have any sales/orders, the Cart Notification app will help you to make your website looks busy and it’s another social proof.

Cart Notification helps you easily and effectively increases sales and customer satisfaction by displaying dynamic, actionable messages to your customers as they add the product into the cart.

Cart Notification

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Make sure the Cart Notification app status must be enabled to display the Cart Notification in your store where the products are added by users to the cart. Please make sure to click on the Save button after making any changes.



In the Cart Notification app, you can customize the popup message by doing changes in the template where {{ item }} is the name of the added product to cart, {{ item_price }} is the actual price of the product, {{ line_price }} is the price of the line(the actual price of the one product * quantities of that product = line price of that product), {{ quantity }} is the total number of products added to cart, {{ time_ago }} shows when the customer added product into the cart and also you can include Emojis’ as per requirements.

Other Settings:

Cart Notification Other Settings

In Cart notification app includes another setting option is regarding display cart notification popup as per your given time in this option. E.g. as you enter 90 minutes it will display popups for the products which were added to the cart by the user within the last 90 minutes. But if you specify 0 minutes or blank means it will display added products to a cart by infinite time. Cart Notification is a Paid Feature.