Remember My Cart

The Remember My Cart feature operates seamlessly within the Online Store 2.0 theme structure. Please visit the below article, which explains how to activate the Buy Me – Buy Button app on Online Store 2.0 themes.

Article: How to activate the Buy Me – Buy Button app on Online Store 2.0 themes?
How to enable/disable the Remember My Cart App?

Let’s discuss the Remember My Cart feature. With Remember My Cart, your customers who log in across multiple devices will find their shopping cart waiting for them, ready to complete their order in your store. For example, if one visitor comes to your store and signs up in your store and after that, they have added four products to your store’s cart and they get a call for some urgent work that they can’t ignore. So they will switch off their Computer/Laptop and leave to finish urgent work and after finishing work, they open your store from their mobile and login to your store and they will get all their four products back to the cart that they have added from Computer/Laptop. Isn’t it nice? Like that, you will get sales before the customer changes their mind.