So let’s discuss about Analytics. We are displaying Analytics for Social Media and Top products with Most recent clicks. Let’s discuss all one by one.

  • Social Media Sharing: As you see in above snapshot/picture, We are allow store owner to display Social Media Product Sharable links. So your customers will able to share products that they want to buy to their Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and/or WhatsApp. And you will able to see how many of your customers shared your products to their Social Media network. It’s really useful and it’s free referral that you will get without paid Advertisement.
  • Most Recent Clicks: We are displaying 10 most recent clicks in Analytics so you will able to know which product(s) are clicked more by your customers 🙂
  • Top Performing Products: We are displaying Top 10 Performing Products so you will able to know which top 10 products Added how many times to Cart from Buy Me app.