Product Reviews Notifications

The Product Reviews Notification Popups will display notifications for the reviews received for your products on the website. So if your website doesn’t have any sales/orders, the Product Review Notification Popups will help you to make your website look busy and it’s another social proof.

Product Review Notification Popups help you easily and effectively increase the trust of your customers regarding the products and inspire them to perform the action regarding your product like add to cart and purchase.

Product Review Notification Popup

Thank you for joining and getting started with the Product Reviews Notification article. Let’s discuss one by one all Settings options.

1) Settings:

Product Reviews Settings


How Does The Status Work In The Product Reviews Notification?
Product Reviews Status

Make sure the Product Reviews Notification status is enabled to display the product reviews popups on your website to your visitors/customers.

If you just want to disable the pop-ups for a specific device then just untick/uncheck the Desktop Enabled and/or Mobile Enabled checkbox. Please make sure to click on the Save button after making any changes.


How Does The Template Work In The Product Reviews Notification?
Product Reviews Template

In the Product Reviews Notification Popups, you can customize the popup message by making changes in the template, where {{ first_name }} shows customer’s first name, {{ location }} shows location of the customer, {{ product }} shows Product name, {{ product_with_link }} shows product name with product page link, {{ review_count }} shows the number of stars received for the product. And, you can add the Emojis also in the message as per requirements. Also, you can reset the template message with the default message by clicking on the “Reset” [at the right corner].

Please make sure to click on the Save button after making any changes.

Add New Template

Product Reviews Add New Language Template

Whenever you want to use a country-specific readymade template, you can use (add) it from the “Add New Template” button. After clicking on the button, the app will display a pop-up named “Add New Language Template”. From the pop-up, just find and select the country. Once you select the country name, the app will display the readymade template for the selected country. Then if you want you can modify the template otherwise, directly you can use (add) the template by pressing the “Save” button. Once you press the “Save” button, the app will add the template to the list and you will be able to see all the added templates in the list.

Afterward, when a customer visits the website from a specific country, the app will automatically start to display the pop-up in the user’s country-specific language.

View All Templates

Product Reviews View All Languages Template

The View All Templates button will display the list of the template(s) added for specific countries. Here, you can see the list with Country name, Template, and Action. Under the action, you can edit the template or you can delete the template.

Product Review Notification French

Other Settings:

How Do The Other Settings Work In The Product Reviews Notification?
Product Reviews Other Settings

Show the written review?: By selecting this option, you can display the entire review and score in the popup. And, if the option is disabled, then the popup will display only stars without review text.

Show review on Hover?: By selecting this option, you can display the entire review and score in the popup when the user hovers over the popup. Here, by default, the app will display only review stars.

Rating: Here, you can configure (choose) the minimum rating to show. By default, the app only shows reviews that have a 5-star rating.

Stars Color: Here, you can configure (choose) the color for the stars.

Please make sure to click on the Save button after making any changes.

2) Reviews:

How Do The Reviews Work In The Product Reviews Notification?
Product Reviews Review

Here, you will be able to find the list of reviews added for the products. The list will contain the Product image, Product Name, Rating, Review, Review date, First name, Location, and Action (Edit and Delete).

Here, the app allows the user to import & export the list of reviews.

The app provides a convenient import feature for CSV sheets, enabling you to easily manage the list of reviews for the products. Let’s delve into the details together!


Product Reviews Import

To import a list of product reviews, simply click on the “Import” button.

Product Reviews Import Popup

Please note that the CSV file must be in a specific format for successful import. If you don’t have the required format, you can download a sample CSV file from the popup to use as a reference.

Things to keep in mind before importing:

  • The imported CSV file must be comma-separated; it should not be tab-separated.
  • Importing the file will overwrite the existing data. And, to add new data to the existing list, follow these steps:
    • Export the current list (if you already have the data) to a CSV file.
    • Append or update the required data in the CSV file.
    • Import the modified CSV file back into the app to incorporate the changes.
  • For backup purposes, we highly recommend exporting the current list before importing the new one.

Once you have selected the file, simply click on the “Import” button. Subsequently, please check your email, as you will receive a confirmation email upon successful CSV upload. Conversely, if any issues arise during the upload process, you will be notified via email.

After receiving the confirmation email, proceed to the configuration page and reload it to view the comprehensive list of product reviews.

Important considerations when preparing the CSV file:

  • Ensure that the first row of the CSV file contains the pre-defined headers.
  • All the columns in the CSV file are compulsory fields.
  • If you leave the compulsory field(s) blank, the app will skip the review while inserting it.


Product Reviews Export

To export a list of product reviews, simply click on the “Export” button.

Product Reviews Export Popup

Upon clicking the “Export”, a popup will appear, prompting you to provide the email address where you wish to receive the review list in CSV format. (Please refer to the snapshot above for guidance.)