How To Check Whether Notifications Are Working On Website Or Not?

To check online notifications please follow the following steps.

1) In the first step please check your StoreFront View that popup is visible or not.

2) If you did not find the above popup then please check the status of the app, whether is it enabled or disabled? If disabled, then please enable the app.


Then please again check your StoreFront view that the popup has started to be visible or not.

3) After following the above steps, if you still haven’t found the popup in the front view, then please check if your store has received any orders or not? You can check it using the Exclude Orders Tab of the Sales Notification app.


If your store is new with no orders/sales, then you have to wait until you will receive at least one order/sale. Once you receive it, the Sales Notification app will automatically start to show recent sales popups in your store.

4) The Sales Notification app will show only those orders in the popup, which has complete information (including the customer information). To check that please follow the steps.


After that Click on the order to check that the product image with the product name is available or not.


If you still face any issues then please chat with us from the in-app chat widget or email us at