Getting started with the (formerly Notify Me app)

Thank you for joining and getting started with the article. Let’s discuss, So by default (formerly Notify Me app) automatically setup all Basic Settings to start the first-time scan against all your products(and variants), and once the scan is finished, It will send you an email with all products(and variants) whose inventory is/are less or equal to 0 (Zero). Let’s discuss one by one all Basic Settings options.

1. Status:

How to enable/disable the (formerly Notify Me app)? Status

Make sure status must be enabled in order to track your store product inventory with

2. Email(s) – On:

How to add Emails to the (formerly Notify Me App)?

You need to mention the email(s) where you want to receive inventory reminders as and when your products (and variants) go below Global Inventory Warning Levels. You are allowed to use up to 5 emails [as per your selected plan].

Note: If you are not receiving email notifications in your inbox for your Out Of Stock products, please check your spam folder and mark us as not spam, and please add email to your mail contact list and you should receive emails in your inbox instead of the spam folder.

3. Global Inventory Warning Level(s):

How do the Global Inventory Warning Levels Work?
Global Inventory Warning Levels

You need to mention Inventory Warning Level(s) so will know when you need to remind. Inventory Warning Level will be in number format and you can add up to 5 Global Inventory Warning Level(s) [as per your selected plan].


  • If you need a product reminder when your product inventory becomes 0(Zero) then simply put 0 in the box and press Add button and save the changes by pressing the Save button.
  • If you need a product reminder on a level basis like when it reached 0 and 10 then simply add 0 in the box and press Add button and again add 10 in the box and press Add button and save the changes by pressing the Save button.

4. Email Notification Frequency:

How to set Email Notification Frequency?
NotifyMe Email Notify Frequency

You need to choose how frequently or quickly you need email reminders once your products (and variants) go below Global Inventory Warning Levels. will never send repeat emails for the same products so if you receive any email for one product you will not receive it again for the same product until you restock it if it goes Out of Stock in your Shopify Admin Product section.

All Frequency Levels:

  • As soon as you received the order – Instant [With Medium and Higher Plan only]
  • Once in an hour
  • Once in 2 hours
  • Once in 4 hours
  • Once in 8 hours
  • Once in 16 hours
  • Once in 24 hours
  • Once in 32 hours
  • Once in 64 hours
  • Once in a week
  • Once in a month

For now, we are supporting these many Frequency Levels. If you have any suggestions we are always welcome and we are happy to include more.

5. Global Inventory Restock:

How does the Global Inventory Restock work?
Globel Inventory Restock is providing a feature called Global Inventory Restock for automatic restocking. When your products/variants go below the Inventory Warning Levels that you have specified in the settings, and if you want to restock the inventory automatically after a specific duration with a specific amount (quantity) then you can use this option.

Global Inventory Restock Detail

You can restock the same way with Additional Inventory Warning Levels and/or Specific Inventory Warning Levels where we have given the option with “Add Inventory Restock Detail” for each product/variant, you just need to click on that link and you will see the same “Restock quantity” and “Update restocks quantity after” option in popup for individual products/variants.

Note: For more detail please follow the steps as specified in Advance Settings -> Additional Inventory Warning Levels by Individual Products/Variants Only or Advance Settings -> Inventory Warning Levels by Specific Products/Variants Only. If you are not sure please chat with us or email us from an in-app chat widget.

6. Other Settings:

How do the Other Settings work? Other Settings

  • Change inventory from email?: If you enable this setting, you will allow changing your product(s) inventory from email reminders. So you don’t need to log in to your Shopify Store Admin and no need to go to that product to make it in stock. You are easily able to modify your product inventory with one click from the email reminder.
  • Display SKU in email?: If you enable this setting you will see the product name with SKU in inventory reminder emails that will send as and when your products(and variants) goes below global inventory warning levels. If you haven’t inserted then we will silently hide SKU in inventory reminder emails.
  • Display vendor in email? : Same as SKU you will see Vendor names with the product name in inventory reminder emails. But please make sure you have inserted the Vendor names when creating products in Shopify Admin. If you haven’t inserted then we will silently hide the vendor in inventory reminder emails.
  • Display product tags in email: Enabling this option will allow you to display product tags in email.
  • Email reminder subject line: So if you want to put a custom email reminder subject line then you just need to put your words in the box. But this is just for your use and if you leave this blank then we will display our default Email Subject line when will send you email reminders.