1. What should we do once save email addresses in email setup page?

    We will send you an email whenever we find products below the inventory warning level. But please note we will only notify for products that go below inventory warning level after our app installed.

  2. What is Inventory Warning Level in settings page?

    Well, We will check Inventory Warning Level value against your store’s all products quantity/inventory before sending you inventory reminder. So reminder email will display all products that meet EQUAL to warning level and may soon become Out Of Stock with its remaining quantity/inventory if any. Eg. So if you want to receive a reminder when any product(s) quantity/inventory reached to 10 then you need to put 10 as Inventory Warning Level value and we will send you a reminder whenever any product has quantity/inventory as 10.

  3. What is Inventory Warning Levels By Products/Variants in settings page?

    Well, By Setting this option you are able to setup Inventory Warning Levels By Individual Products or Variants. Eg. If one or more products selling faster in your store compare to other products. Then you are able to set their inventory level to say 10 so you will get little time to fill inventory again in your store and for all other products will check against global inventory warning level 0 or anything that you set in the settings page.

  4. What is Change inventory from email reminder in settings page?

    So Change inventory from email reminder allows you to change your products inventory directly from your email inbox 🙂 You will see one button called “Update Inventory” in Email reminder once you enable this option from Notify Me settings. By clicking “Update Inventory” button from Email reminder, you will redirect to our secure page and you will see all Out Of Stock Products list and it will allow you to change your inventory in bulk.

  5. So shall we receive all product’s variants notification as well?

    Yes. Whenever your customers will purchase a product from your store, We will check Products and Variants availability at that time so you will be able to receive Products and Variants notification as and when it goes below to Inventory Warning Level.

  6. Shall we receive notification if we don’t want to track inventory for some products/variants?

    No. You will not receive notification from us if you don’t want to track some of your products/variants inventory. You simply need to login into your shopify store and change option in Product Management -> Inventory policy from Shopify tracks this product’s inventory to Don’t track inventory and that’s it. Help article is here.

  7. What is track specific Products/Variants inventory only feature?

    So we have launched a new feature called track specific Products/Variants inventory only. So now you are able to insert only products/variants whose reminder actually you want instead of all your store products/variants. This is a Pro feature so you need to upgrade your plan from FREE to paid.

  8. What if we have more questions?

    Well, No Problem just fire email at support@makeprosimp.com with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible with answers.