FAQs – Buy Me – Sticky Buy Button App

What are the default settings in Buy Me’s admin if no modifications are made?

Certainly! If you leave the settings untouched in Buy Me’s admin, the platform will adopt your store’s default theme settings. This includes elements like colors, sizes, hover effects, and more.

Does Buy Me permit customers to purchase products/variants that are currently out of stock or sold out?

Certainly! The ability for customers to buy out-of-stock or sold-out products/variants on Buy Me hinges on your store’s inventory settings. Buy Me aligns with the inventory tracking policy outlined by Shopify, which you can find detailed information about here.

What is the procedure for installing the Buy Me app in my newly applied theme?

Certainly! The installation process for the Buy Me app is seamless – it will effortlessly integrate into both your existing themes and any future ones you may apply to your store. This is made possible through the utilization of Shopify’s innovative OS 2.0 app extension technology. [If OS 2.0 extension is enabled.] Otherwise, our app will use Shopify’s ScriptTag API. This API dynamically inserts our scripts into your store, ensuring that the Buy Me widget becomes visible and functional. For more comprehensive information about the ScriptTag API, you can explore the details provided here.

What is the procedure for canceling my paid subscription to the Buy Me App?

To cancel your paid subscription to the Buy Me App, simply navigate to the Plans page within the app and click on the ‘Select’ button associated with the ‘Free’ plan.

What’s the process for preventing the widget from appearing on a specific page?

Certainly! To block the widget from displaying on a particular page, navigate to Buy Me -> Exclude By URL in your admin panel. In the “Page URL” field, input the full URL of the page where you wish to prevent the widget from appearing. From the “Exclude/Disable” menu, choose the specific widget you want to block. This process will ensure that the widget does not appear on the designated page.

What’s the procedure for hiding the “Add to Cart” icon when the cart is empty?

Certainly! To achieve this visit to the  Buy Me -> Sticky Buy Me Cart in your admin panel. Locate and select the “Display only if at least one product in the cart?” option. By performing these actions, the Cart icon will be automatically hidden when the cart is empty.

What does the term “Instant Load” refer to?

Enabling the “Instant Load” setting triggers the immediate display of the Sticky Buy Me widget as soon as your Product page loads in your browser. This configuration proves particularly advantageous when your product page features a default “Add To Cart” button positioned further down the page, requiring users to scroll extensively to make a purchase. The efficacy of this setting is contingent on the Shopify Theme you’re utilizing. Should you harbor any uncertainties or questions regarding the application of these settings, we invite you to engage with us through the in-app chat widget or reach out via email. Our team is readily available to provide guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

What does the term “FREE PLAN AVAILABLE” signify within the Buy Me app?

We offer a FREE FOREVER plan that comes with limited features and will remain free forever. If you opt for the FREE plan, you’ll have access to all features, including those typically available in the paid plans, for a 14-day trial period. This gives you the opportunity to thoroughly test the functionality before making a decision between the FREE and PAID plans. Once the 14-day free trial concludes, should you continue with the FREE plan, you will retain access to all the features within the free plan. Any other features not included in the free plan will be silently hidden within your store.

Can the Buy Me app impact the loading speed of my website?

Absolutely not. We’ve incorporated Shopify and Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), coupled with the innovative OS 2.0 app extension technology. This ensures that our apps operate at the same speed as your store. Furthermore, we’ve implemented caching techniques to enhance this speed even further. In essence, you can rest assured that our apps will not compromise the loading speed of your website in any way.

How can I utilize/display the Sticky Buy Me Widget when my store has only one product? Additionally, how can I incorporate the widget on the homepage and/or other pages?

To display the Sticky Buy Me Widget on your homepage and/or any other page, activate the “Sticky URL Based ATC” feature within the Buy Me App.

For a step-by-step guide, please refer to the video tutorial accessible at this link: Video Tutorial.

Alternatively, you can explore the comprehensive article detailing the process of enabling the Sticky Buy Me Widget on various pages: Article Guide.

What does “Exclude URL” mean and how does it function?

If you prefer not to display specific features such as the Sticky Buy Me Widget, Sticky Buy Me Cart, Sticky Cart Preview, and/or Quick Buy Me Widget on certain pages, you can utilize the “Exclude URL” functionality. Simply input the page URL and choose the relevant widget from the dropdown menu to exclude it from that particular page. If you wish to revert and showcase all widgets again, you can do so by clicking the delete icon located on the right side.

Can I configure the cart icon on product images to remain on the same page when clicked?

Absolutely! To ensure the user remains on the same page when clicking on the cart icon, just navigate to Buy Me -> Quick Buy Me Widget. Find the “Position, Action & Color”. And choose the “Stay on the same page” option under “When Quick Buy is clicked, Add product to cart.”

What does the term “Total Potential Revenue” refer to?

Potential Revenue Potential Revenue refers to the projected income from business operations, encompassing discounts and deductions for taxable merchandise. Essentially, it represents the gross income estimate before any expenses are deducted.

How is the calculation of “Add To Cart” clicks performed?

A single click is counted when you click once on the “Add To Cart” button within either the Sticky Buy Me Widget or the Quick Buy Me Widget.

Will the Sticky Buy Me Widget automatically adjust the currency based on location if merchants use an automatic currency converter?

Absolutely, the Sticky Buy Me Widget seamlessly adapts to changes in currency when merchants employ an automatic currency converter based on location.

What is the solution for resolving the issue when the Quick Buy Me Widget is concealed by the sale sticker?

Certainly! The resolution lies in the “Quick Buy Me z-index Position (Optional)” setting found in Buy Me -> Quick Buy Me Widget -> Position, Action & Colors. By adjusting the value – increasing or decreasing – you can effectively address the issue of the Quick Buy Me Widget being obscured by the sale sticker. Remember to save your changes by clicking the “Save” button after making adjustments.

How do I direct users to the checkout page of the Other Checkout Page App instead of Shopify’s default checkout page?

The Sticky Buy Me Widget is designed to seamlessly redirect users to an alternative checkout page app, bypassing Shopify’s default checkout process. However, it’s crucial to ensure that in the Buy Me -> Sticky Buy Me Widget -> Others (Optional) -> “Skip Cart and go directly to Checkout?” option remains unchecked or deselected.

Is it possible to alter the text of the “Add To Cart” button to another language?

Certainly! You can change the “Add To Cart” button text to another language by adjusting the text in the Buy Me -> Sticky Buy Me widget -> Buy/Add To Cart Button -> Button Text.

Is it possible to show the “Add To Cart” button on my blog?

Absolutely, you can achieve this by utilizing the Sticky URL Based ATC feature. Simply input the URL of your blog, and the “Add To Cart” button will be displayed accordingly.

What is the process for testing or previewing the Buy Me – Buy Button app in unpublished themes?

To test or preview the Buy Me – Buy Button app in an unpublished theme, you can proceed as outlined below:
1. Navigate to Online Store -> Themes -> Theme Library.
2. Refer to the instructions provided in the following article: Link to Article
3. Next, click on the “Action” button and choose “Preview” from the options.
4. This will enable you to test and preview the app within the context of the unpublished theme.

What’s the procedure for enabling the Buy Me – Buy Button app in a newly published theme?

To activate the Buy Me – Buy Button app in a newly published theme, you can follow the steps provided in the following guide: Activation Guide.

How can I track and analyze data?

The dashboard will provide you with app-specific statistical analysis (please refer to the image by clicking the link).

For more comprehensive insights, you can access detailed analysis in Buy Me -> Analytics. This section covers various metrics, including Potential revenue, Social media performance displayed with charts, data on the Most recent 10 clicks (with device specifications, dates, and times), and a list of the Top 10 best-performing products on your website.

Moreover, the Buy Me app seamlessly supports Google Analytics Tracking and Facebook Pixel Tracking, both of which require no additional setup.

Does the Buy Me App (Sticky Buy Me Widget) make any modifications to the theme?

No, the Buy Me app does not alter any of your theme files.

Is the Buy Me app compatible with Google Analytics Tracking?

Absolutely. If your store or website has Google Analytics enabled or installed, the actions such as clicking on the Sticky Buy Me Button, Quick Buy on Product Listing Buttons, and Sticky Buy Me Cart Button will seamlessly appear in the Behavior -> Events -> Top Events section of your Google Analytics dashboard. Importantly, no setup is needed for this integration to work effectively. (Please refer to the image for more details.)

Is the Buy Me app compatible with Facebook Pixel Tracking?

Absolutely. If your store or website has Facebook Pixel enabled or installed, the tracking of actions like clicking on the Sticky Buy Me Button and Quick Buy on Product Listing Buttons will occur automatically. Importantly, no setup is necessary for this integration to function effectively.

Does the Buy Me app comply with GDPR regulations?

Absolutely. The Buy Me app aligns with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations, which are designed to safeguard data protection and privacy within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). However, the Buy Me app remains unaffected by this regulation since it does not process or utilize any personal data.

Does the Buy Me app ensure the protection of customer data? Does it engage in the processing of customer data?

The Buy Me app refrains from utilizing, gathering, or retaining any personal data belonging to customers.

Does the Buy Me app employ cookies?

The Buy Me app does not utilize cookies on the storefront.

How can I verify the website when changes are not visible?

1 We leverage Shopify and Cloudflare CDNs (Content Delivery Network) to enhance your site’s performance. Rest assured, our app will not cause any slowdowns. However, due to the use of CDNs, it might take around 1-2 minutes for changes made in the app settings to fully reflect on your store.

2 If adjustments or changes aren’t visible, please take these steps:
2.a After making any modifications, remember to click the SAVE button.
2.b Open your website in an incognito tab and review for the changes. It’s advisable to refresh the page at least once.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your changes are accurately reflected on your website.

Is the Buy Me app compatible with External Checkout apps?

Certainly, the Buy Me app is fully compatible with External Checkout apps. A visual representation explaining the interaction between the Buy Me app and External Checkout apps is available in the snapshot. If you encounter any challenges or complications, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. Given the diverse array of Shopify External Checkout apps, specific guides might be necessary for each one. (Please refer to the image for more details.)

Is it possible to redirect customers to the Yampi checkout page? If so, how can this be accomplished?

Absolutely, it is indeed possible to directly redirect customers to the Yampi checkout page, bypassing Shopify’s native checkout page. To achieve this, you simply need to disable (deselect) the option in Buy Me App -> Sticky Buy Me Widget -> Others (Optional) -> Skip Cart and go directly to Checkout. (For further reference, please consult the image.)

What is the reason for receiving the “Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Unknown event Metafield#create” message/email from Shopify?

The reason you receive the “Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button Unknown event Metafield#create” message/email from Shopify is due to our mechanism of storing all Buy Me App settings on the Shopify Server. This approach enhances your store’s performance by minimizing the need to interact with our servers. Whenever you make changes within the Buy Me app, we transmit the updated settings to Shopify’s CDN server, which, in turn, improves your store’s overall performance.

As a result of this process, a corresponding event is generated in your Shopify Store Admin, and you receive a summary message in accordance with Shopify’s existing structure. This occurrence is a normal Shopify procedure that takes place whenever the Buy Me app creates or modifies Metafields within your store.

Is Buy Me affect store performance?

No no, Buy Me app is really faster and load with your store’s/site’s content. So you will see really faster performance compare to other apps 🙂 If you still face performance issue from Buy Me app then please guide us more and we will surely help you 🙂

Do i have to install Buy Me app again after changing new theme ?

In Older Version of Shopify Theme (Not in the Store 2.0 themes)
No no, the Buy Me app will automatically install into your new theme. So you don’t need to do anything 🙂 If you think that the Buy Me app is not displaying on your site then please guide us and our technical team will make sure and install it on your store’s new theme.

In the Store 2.0 themes
There is no need to install the app into your new theme. Just you have to activate the Buy Me App into your new theme. To activate the app, just follow the below article.
How to activate the Buy Me – Buy Button app on Store 2.0 themes?

What should we do if we have additional questions?

Certainly! If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply send an email to support@makeprosimp.com with your inquiries, and we’ll respond promptly with the answers you need.